How Students Can GET INVOLVED:

Small Groups

The fastest way to meet new friends and build lasting relationships is through a small group atmosphere. As you’re learning together about God’s plan for your life, you are also leaning on one another for support and encouragement. God created us to go through life together. Why not give a small group a try? Email Erik to find a group

Church on Campus

Every Thursday in the Fall and Spring Semesters, Crosswinds Wesley hosts Church on C ampus at USF.  At 7:15pm, we start off with a  FREE Dinner open to you and your friends. When you’re done eating, stick around socialize and play cornhole, pool, pingpong and other games until service starts at 8:05pm, followed by a  Community event each week! At Crosswinds, you’ll make new friends, laugh a lot, and most importantly, learn about the God.


At Crosswinds Wesley, our goal is to show the loving kindness of Jesus to USF and beyond. We believe that a mark of a true follower of Jesus is serving and caring for the poor, the sick, the orphaned, and the widow. That’s what Change The World events are all about- changing the world with the loving kindness of Jesus. Want to help? We have events planned monthly. Please visit our Calendar Page for our next event.

We also are in the beginnings of setting up a domestic or international mission experience or maybe even both.


A great way to go deeper as we grow and form spiritually is through discipleship. 


Getting out of the everyday hustle and bustle and getting away as a community is a great way to make relationships and go deeper with God.

Intramural Sports

Many people love sports. What is better than playing sports with our friends?

Relay For Life

This a huge way to support others who have been impacted by cancer.

Dance Marathon

This one is for the kids.


Crosswinds Wesley at USF