Meet the Staff



Erik Seise


Hello, My name is Erik, and I am privileged to serve as the Director/Pastor for Crosswinds Wesley. I am currently pursing ordination through the United Methodist Church. Before coming to Tampa, I served as the Director of the FSU Wesley Foundation in Tallahassee. I love serving with college students as they make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. I have been married for about 6 years to Lori. We are blessed to have a son, named Wesley.


Elizabeth photo

Elizabeth Kaufmann

Associate Director

Hello, My name is Elizabeth and I am serving Crosswinds as the Associate Director. I graduated from Florida State with my Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Sciences. After completing an internship with Florida State’s Wesley Foundation, I returned to my hometown of Tampa to work for Crosswinds. The Wesley Foundation has greatly impacted my life and helped shape me as a woman and a Christian. I am looking forward to witnessing students at USF experience the same type of community I have been blessed by.

Meet the Band

The Crosswinds Wesley band is composed of students who have a passion and excitement for music.

For the band members, it’s about more than just coming together to create musical harmony, it’s also about creating harmony within their community. 

In addition to serving the University and community, the Crosswinds Wesley band also plays for our Student Organization’s weekly church gathering. All of these projects and events not only help to unify our band, making them better musicians, but it also gives them an opportunity to use music to point people towards Jesus.
You can check out the band every week at the Crosswinds Wesley Building on Thursdays.

The Crosswinds Wesley Band is always looking for others who would like to use their gifts to glorify God.  Please talk to our worship leader Michael Mobly if you are interested.  


Current Students involved in our Worship Team:

Michael Mobly

Nick Jones

Max Oliver

Jenn Bruce

Jessica Perry

Ricky LassodelaVega

Madison Oliver

Paige Carlson

Macie Jones

Danielle Barozinsky

Kayla Freed

Meet the Small Group Leaders

We have amazing students who would love to have you in their small groups and go deeper in your faith with them.

Small groups meet every Thursday during our Church on Campus.

Small Group 1- Jenn Bruce, Paul Griffith, Amber Haynes

Small Group 2- Michelle Sprouse, Chadd Hardie, Madison Oliver

Small Group 3- Max Oliver, Milvia Cartaya, Brad Bernaldo

Small Group 4- Elizabeth Kaufmann, Kayla Freed, Justin Overstreet

Meet the Residents


Crosswinds Wesley houses up to six students at our community building.  These students would love to get to know you more, talk with you, be involved in your life, help get you connected and enjoy your time in college with you.  Please feel free to come and hang out.

Chadd Hardie

Chadd Hardie

I am Senior at USF.  I am graduating next Summer with a degree in Religious Studies.  I am actively involved in USF’s Men’s Rowing Team as the President. My future includes plans to pursue ministry in some aspect.

Madison Oliver

Madison Oliver

Hello there! I’m Madison Oliver. I’m a Pre-Athletic Training major with this being my second year here at USF and my first living at Crosswinds Wesley. I’m just a small town girl (excuse the Journey reference) trying to adjust to the city life of Tampa. I’m slightly addicted to Pinterest, cooking, baking, crafting, singing, football, and anything Disney. I’m always up for a good cup of coffee and a great conversation. I have high hopes for where God will lead this ministry and this year, including YOU reading this; even if you decided Crosswinds Wesley isn’t your home. I truly believe that as long as you keep your feet moving God will put you on the right path. “Every day is the chance for a new stance, like every song is the beginning of a new dance.” – Toby Mac

Head Shot

Max Oliver

Hello there.  I am Mackenzie “Max” Oliver,  a senior Theater: Arts major at USF. I have an A.A. in Psychology from Lake-Sumter Community College. I am a former camp counselor at Warren W. Willis Methodist Camp (2009-2012) and visits there often. I like refer to myself as an Ordinary Radical, an Otaku, a Nerdfighter, a Whovian, a PC gamer, a Vlogger, a Voice-Actor, a Musician, a LARPer, and a lover of people as well as other things. If you are in need of audio/video recording, he has the tools you need to help you start. I rarely decline invitations to have tea with anyone. When I am at Crosswinds Wesley (Max’s Calendar) my door will be open and my couch free. I thoroughly enjoy the company of others as well as working on collaborative artsy projects. Here is my Youtube channel.   “I don’t believe there is such a thing as normal, there is only average. Average is synonymous with mediocre and I refuse to be anything of the sort.” –Mackenzie Oliver


Michelle Sprouse

Hello there, I am Michelle Sprouse, 20, currently seeking an A.A in Counselling and Human Services, to which I plan to later use to seek a B.A and an M.A in mental health counselling. My reasoning behind this degree is the need to serve people in any and every aspect that I possibly can. It’s the same reason that both brought and kept me at one of the best home churches I will ever personally find: Lake House, named after their location on lake and Nebraska. This particular home church is 100% dedicated to hospitality, and that’s where I want my life to be, I want to be 100% about serving the people around me. Of course there are other aspects to my life, and another big one is art, any style of art, and design, anything, just art…and yes i do consider music and art. Just about the happiest thing I can do though, besides dealing with art(viewing, listening or making), is go for tea with a friend, or even someone I just met. Tea, art, and people, that’s what i’m all about.

Milvia Cartaya

Hi! I am a Senior at USF pursuing a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I plan to graduate in the Spring and then continue my education by earning my Master’s degree to become a Speech Pathologist.

Meet the Board

We are blessed to have members of our local community support this ministry with their time, guidance, and direction.

Joey Herres

Joey Herres- Chairperson

Joey serves as the Worship Director at Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church. 


Terry Sisco1

Terry Sisco- Vice Chairperson

Terry founded ExSellerate Incorporated, a retail development group. Terry helps companies improve their employee’s talent. 

Bob Douglas1

Bob Douglas- Secretary

Bob is a life-long Methodist member. He currently works with Hyde Park United Methodist Church’s downtown relaunch of First United Methodist Tampa. 

Paul Gri copy

Paul Griffith- Treasurer

Paul graduated from USF  in 2009, double majoring in Business Management and Marketing. He earned his MBA in 2011 from USF, with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship. Paul currently works in a wholesale/consulting position with Guardian selling and marketing employee benefits to businesses through independent brokers.

Paul grew up going to church but more as a habit rather than sincere faith. He came to faith in Jesus Christ during college years, having been involved with Crosswinds for many years. He is deeply involved in  Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church. Paul currently serves as one of Crosswinds Wesley’s small group leaders. 


Janet L.S. Moore- Faculty Sponsor for Crosswinds

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Music, School of Music

Dr. Moore serves as the faculty sponsor and ex officio board member for USF Crosswinds. She advocates for students and a supportive university environment for students’ personal and spiritual development throughout  the University Community. Through work with academics and ethics/integrity initiatives, she hears  student petitions and grievances, assisting at the university level in nurturing student success. Dr. Moore is a tenured Associate Professor in music education in the School of Music, College of The Arts. She is also a member of St. James United Methodist Church, where she serves as keyboardist and member of the Staff Parish Relations Committee.


Cindy Sisco1

Cindy Sisco

Cindy is married to Terry Sisco and is a member of Lake Magdalene UMC.  


Justin Overstreet

Justin has served Crosswinds Wesley in numerous ways, including living as a Residential Staff member during his time at USF. Along with serving as a board member, Justin is also one of Crosswinds Wesley’s small group leaders. 


Keith Harcombe

Keith is the assistant pastor at Palma Ceia UMC and aides in the smooth running of the church.  He is currently completing his Masters of Divinity at Asbury Theological Seminary and a candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church. He has been a youth pastor for around eleven years both in the UK and USA.  He is originally from Liverpool, England and is married to Julianne whom he met in Tampa.  They have four children, Jordan, Jack, Max and David and they live in Palm Harbor.

Crosswinds Wesley at USF